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Facts about our company

crab, any short-tailed member of the crustacean order Decapoda (phylum Arthropoda) especially the brachyurans (infraorder Brachyura), or true crabs, but also other forms such as the anomurans (suborder Anomura), which include the hermit crabs. Decapods occur in all oceans, in fresh water, and on land; about 10,000 species have been described.

We, as a brand, decided to make our species be the one, the one and only, because we believe the crab species to be the ultimate form of evolution.

Facts about crabs


Crab ancestors were among the survivors of the Great Dying at the end of the Permian Period, around 251 million years ago


Crabs in the Old World have a different evolutionary history from those which evolved in the New World.


They've also evolved to live in both freshwater and marine environments.


Crabs also evolved the ability to walk on land in addition to living underwater.

Facts about waterfowl

A circular stone structure lies 9m beneath the Sea of Galilee. Found in 2003 following a sonar survey of the lake, the ancient structure is made of basalt rocks arranged in a cone shape. Around 70m wide, it reaches 10m in height. It's also twice as large as Stonehenge.
According to archaeologists, it could be an ancient burial or ceremonial site. No other structures this size are currently known, so experts can only guess at how it was built or used. Its location makes it difficult to study, and experts place its age between 2,000 and 12,000 years old.
Traveling south from Galilee, you reach the Dead Sea, where the salt water can kill you if inhaled.